Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loosen that curl girl

Although we often see "pin up hair" in these ultra silky straight styles, there are many new style pin ups emerging, those of the natural persuasion, myself included of course. I love the idea of embracing my natural beauty but still portraying a very polished look and all curly girls know the challenges that can arise with that. So I wanted to highlight this wonderful new curl restructuring service be Design Essentials called Strengthening Therapy System. Here are the goods, it defines and stretches tight coiled textures while reducing frizz and all with the acidity level of a lemon! Basically it restructures and lengthens your curl, making it easier to style in its curly state or straighten with ease, staying straighter longer, and all without a chemical!

The product is bonded onto the cortex of the hair with heat so hair must be washed with sulfate free shampoo to maintain look. Best of all the entire process is reversible so no fears of over process, or overly straightened curls! I wanted to experience the product myself as a stylist before I offered it to clients and I was so pleased I wanted to blog about it. I personally LOVEDDDDD it, unfortunately the process only lasts 12 weeks. :( I was so accustomed to my easy luxurious curls when it started the reverting process around week 10 I was surprised, forgetting about my original tight curl.

As a licensed professional stylist I found the health and curl pattern of my hair uncompromised and think this is a better process than the harsh chemicals of keratin and keratin-like processes. The process alone is $200 but for $260 bucks first time out you get the 2-3 hour process (hair must be straightened and washed twice) and all the products you need to maintain at home, Sulphate free shampoo, Express conditioner, and Silk Essentials oil all by Design Essentials. Here are some real life results:

I realized I rarely wear my hair out, I can't lie I love a weave, and therefore have virtually no pictures except this one. My curl pattern is usually much tighter but this is after my installation take down.

Here's my textured curled maybe 3-5 days old after a light blow dry, and two strand twist.

Me with the beautiful Sherhara whom I met at the grand opening of the new Salon 804, curly girl pin ups owwwwww. This curl pattern was done with a light blow dry and flexi rods, the blue ones. Just in case your wondering her hair looked to be wash and go in its natural state, speculation of course.

Here is the lovely Zaianee with her original curl pattern...


Here's her after, the straightened version and her wash and wear hair.

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