Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sewing Journey: Bustles and Ruffles

Elegant goth


So after falling in love with Victorian clothes I thought to myself, I must dress the part. After some thought and deciding where to start, I realize the bustle is the key element that defines this era for me. Particularly the silhouette of the late 1800's. So despite my grandmother reminding me that I don't need any extra cushion back there I NEED This! Since often times these looks tend to be a little pricey but made with cheapy fabric I decided to embark upon sewing it myself and thankfully the payoff was big :)

I found a wonderful tutorial, and worked it out. The tutorial was great, straight forward, and pretty easy. The ruffled hem was the most challenging, I wished there was a little more detail on that epic ordeal. Between sewing the bias cut pieces together and getting the ruffling just right I spent the chunk of this 30 hr or more (yes i know I'm slow) sewing project here. So when my honey and I decided to have a getaway in the Catskills I knew this house from the victorian era needed my skirt in it!

And here's a closer look!!! : )

Sewing journey, bustle and ruffles

H&M tuxedo jacket and top hat
In sitting room, paired it with H&M tuxedo jacket with leopard print lining, and mini top hat also H&M

Catskills B & B

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