Saturday, April 6, 2013

Victorian girl, Curves, Cleavage and Couture

Hello Victorian girl, bye-bye pin up

First let me start off by saying please excuse my lack of posts, I've been having some extreme technical difficulties the past few months. At this point I just have to build a bridge and work past it, I miss blogging so much :( . So after my last entry I have been obsessed with Victorian clothing, so much so that I feel like I have been cheating on pin up styles, but there are so many girls doing her (pin up I mean) I feel like she's been cheating on me too, sharing herself with every one! *shrugs shoulders* Oh well, so I've been putting all my attention and focus on all the grandness of bustles, top hats and street elegance, which is where I think my niche lies. Of course I'm still a pin up at heart, but I'd like to delve into the beginnings a lil bit.

As with anything you have to know where you've been to know where your going, and in my eyes the conception of the pin up occurred during the Gibson Girl Era. Here's aBrown girl Victorian matched with our evolved Pin Up Mrs. Dandridge, bustles, bustles bustles!

The look was all about curves, cleavage, and couture, masked with a dutiful, demure expression!

This is that vampire-esque Mortician Adams influence, notice the sIight pin-up references? Lady-like parasols, opera length gloves, still extremely ladylike but powerful.

So to build this dream I first need some inspiration, here are some of my wardrobe dreams, eye candy and where I hope to guide my "street elegant" looks.

From Galliano's for Christian Dior spring 2010 collection

Again pin-up resemblances, very much burlesque-like with a corset, gloves and a mini top-hat but still modern with the rockachola sleeve??? This look defines what I want to look like everyday!

Soon to come my first bustle skirt project...

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