Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer Wardrobe...Damn that's it???

I don't know about you but every year when summer approaches I go to the back of my closet and grab the bin. As I look through all the pieces I forgot about the past couple of months I always think, damn that's it??? Is this all I was wearing last summer?

Well I expect this year will be much worst considering Im building a wardrobe from scratch! I love all this rockabilly, pin up culture, and Although I realize I've been loving it for a long time, a few pieces here and there does not build a wardrobe. When I decided I wanted to do this everyday it was truly a lightbulb, queue the harps kind of moment for me but vintage inspired dresses typically start at $100 and the separates average at $70 a piece! So clearly this process is a bit expensive for wardrobe building. This quickly inspired me to revisit my college thrifting days and sewing days!

In the thrift store with my find
I've been thrifting and getting some great pieces, but I'm ready to venture out of my local spots and rummage the city. As far as sewing I finished one skirt and just need to do the hem of the other, but not sure of the length without a petticoat (a must for me.) But all in all I'm just dragging my feet being lazy, I'm going to look for some sew-alongs, I think they'll give me the motivation to see my projects through to the end, a little problem of mine. So that's my spring/summer wardrobe offensive plan.As far as the looks/ inspiration I'll put together a vision board but something along the lines of a social AKA "Sandy" from Grease in the daytime and Betty Paige dominatrix at night meowwwwwwwww.

Out and about

This is my first pencil skirt I made, i doubled the fabric for added warmth and for "smoothing."
Hers's me out and about in my creation. The shirt is a thrift find that I added shoulder pads to, whole look undern $20!

My un-hemmed cicle skirt project

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