Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first vintage styled piece

This is my first vintage "like"
Outfit, yayyyyyyyyyyyy. Although as a hairstylist I where too much black I decided my first piece should be something I can dress up to look a few different ways. So black it is I guess

My "go to" silhouette is the hour glass; slimming pencil skirt right below my knees, cinched waist and shoulder pads. So this mermaid like dress was so perfect. It's the Monica Dress from Stop Staring and I got it on, paired it with fishnets, a super waist cinching rhinestone belt from Zara's and a headband bow veil I picked up on my recent vacation to Europe, (accessories were about the only fashion items that excited me in Europe.)...kk I'm rambling, here it is...

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