Monday, June 25, 2012

Bathing Suit Jackpot

Here's the Lola Suit as shown at her store.
So it's been a while, I guess I haven't really been pursuing any pin up allure, shopping, movies, or sewing. I've been at an all around creative stand still, but now that I have some things in order I feel at liberty-and free of guilt to put some energy into my pure expression...

A few days ago I got the jump start I needed when my bathing suit arrived. My order was placed May 21, with the seller indicating it would take 2-3 weeks to make and ship, it arrived 1 week late but I allotted extra time being the busy season and it was well worth the wait. I ordered it on Etsy from Ava Bell Designs. I decided to go to Etsy because the pin up look is very big now, I never want to look like anyone else, so what better way to lessen the chances of "twinsies" than a made to order swim suit. I also wanted something tailored to hide the bad and accentuate the good. Ava Bell Designs had the perfect suit for me a tight skirted bottom that can draw up or down with the optional tummy control, yayyy!  You mean I don't have to worry about those bloated days? Or that healthy tummy on 5th day of eating on vacation?? Sign me up! The top has optional padding that I so desperately need although it wasn't as much padding as I thought it would be for the extra $18, I will have to add more :( . The bottoms are perfect, everything I expected. I adore this beautifully made suit and can't wait for the off season to order a customized one. Hopefully you can appreciate a real women with real curves.
Here you can compare the padding, the left side is shown with padding inserted.

Cute label, check out that sewing quality!

No cover ups here!
Notice The Wiz back there? I love that movie

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