Sunday, September 9, 2012

Calling all natural pinups

Last Thursday was a great evening, For fashion's night out I was honored to be invited to the
Beautiful Textures Curl Couture event. I've been  having a bit of writer's block lately and this was
the perfect event to inspire any artist. It was a night of beautiful people beautiful personality and beautiful curly hair! The DJ was rocking on her two step flow playing songs like Entourage by Omarion and Beyonce. The food was great catered by a very couture version of Sylvia's Soul Food Restaurant. The delicious ever flowing menu included lamb chops, mini fried macaroni and cheese balls, mini crab cakes which my MUA friend Iisys announced were the best she ever had and much more. Had I not been so busy stuffing my face I could have taken pictures of the plating, it was beautiful, but eh hem Moving on...

Any curly gal can tell you there is sort of a sisterhood amid natural girls. We see each other all over the city with hair admiration and complements at the ready with a slight smile and head nod. Last night was an event to definitely celebrate that comraderie and I have to say I've never been more proud to be a natural curly pin up girl! insert snap and neck roll :)

My look for tonight was inspired by comfort so poodle skirt and skips felt perfect my skirt is thrifted, top is a promo t with the best fit ever. Feminine, classy, sassy and comfy. My hair right now is all about the super high Dr Suess, Who-like Afro puff with ultra slick sides, Afro punk greaser flow, check!

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