Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stiletto Nails

Pedicure Area at Fierce Spa

So I decided I could no longer take the filthiness of my car and finally took it in for a detail hand wash at my favorite spot, Finishline Detail and right next door there's an ├╝ber cute nail spot...I guess its time to stop with my awful nails hiding behind the excuse of, crafting hair for a living and just be a full on "girl" instead of the rebellious "A girl can still be cute with hideous nails facade." So I got the ” virtual nail” which is basically a modern day Lee Press On since I hate what acrylic, and other miscellaneous burning chemicals do to my nails.

I like to pull my inspiration from the past but exaggerate/modernize it. In the 40-50's the manicure was all about the pointed, rounded shape. Of course there was no other color to choose but red, with half moon left unpainted, and if you were really posh even left the tip unpainted, like an unpainted French. It was considered a wealthy look to have the tips and base unpainted. I decided on the half moon look with a point, now known as the "stiletto."

Well I loved the experience, and feel of the immaculately well kept Fierce Spa. Guadaloupe was sweet and its clear she loves nails, by her attention to detail and the decor of her salon, not to mention she did everything free hand!

It's definitely me although a bit much for most people. I even scared a little girl into a crying fit into the closet, sorry Charli, I didn't realize she was really afraid when she was running :/

But here they are....

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