Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rock A Chola Style

Rock A Chola I think was the first pin up style that appealed to me, it incorporated all the things I loved. Tattoos, especially sleeves which I think are so dope on pretty girls, heavy make-up, don't judge me I love it, and a rebellious attitude. In my opinion it IS the rebirth of the greaser. In the 50's when America as a whole was searching and striving for the American dream of picket white fences, there was also the "outsiders" the blue collar, hard working greasers who seemed to want no part of American dream or look. Rock a Chola embodies that same feel. Here you have a look derived from Cholas, a predominantly gang affiliated look for Latina females mixed with a rockabilly feel of bandanas, dark denim, wedges. Come on, women with full on tattooed sleeves??? If that's not a true modern day rebel what is? But it doesn't stop there it's more than a look it's a culture, the music, the tats, the cars, it's a world onto itself.

Rock A Love bus reality star Brittanya O' Campo
There isn't a lot of media coverage on the subject especially with the coined term but it's hard to miss the look, especially on "reality" shows like rock of love, and bad girls club.

Famous chicks who evoke Rock a Chola, Amy Winehouse RIP, Gwen Stephanie, Lady gaga, Rihanna although more in attitude and swag, and surely there are others I'm missing. Now you can't even mention Rock a Chola without mentioning the woman who damn near birthed the term and put a spotlight on the culture. Founder and CEO of Pink Mink Mafia Latina Vamp (LV) her style is dope and her story is inspiring. /

Late Great Amy Winehouse

Gwen Stefani, luxurious video, I call it her chola tribute...
Me and my homie MUA Iisis, glam crew owwww


  1. Hi there, i can not believe that i have not into this page and blog. I am truly honored for your kind words and for giving me the recognition that you did.
    Much love and Respect,

    LatinaVamp aka LV

  2. Awwww, Thank you for bringing light to a look so often emulated without a thought to the culture or the lifestyle of the original people that birthed it! Keep inspiring us all!!! :D